Monday, September 5, 2011

Classic Hari Raya Photoshoot *LOL*


how's your raya fellas?? a good one i hope so...mine one too! been great that i have share all the laughter, joyfulness and very happy one with my family and friends...

Last saturday, my best buddy dari sekolah rendah ajak open was fun n we had our gedik moment...hahaha...we've known each others for 17-18 years already...n still close...sampaikan masing2 nak kahwin pun, still perangai macam budak2...glad that wedding dia nanti i will be her bridesmaid...hopefully our friendship will be like this forever even lepas dah berkeluarga...this is few of our gedik2 pics...which i took her pic, she took mine, n we use tripod to continue our camwhoring...hahahah...

p/s: izzati, nanti dah ada anak2 cucu2 cicit2, show them with our craziest pics...muaaahahhhaha :D