Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pengumuman & Review Burberry Lipstick

Salam dearies,

Good news everyone! before sy review on the lipstick, nak buat pengumuan sket...heheh...starts from March onward, saya akan adakan contest on monthly basis for all my follower oke...tapi my contest bukanlah hadiah hebat2 ye...item nak giveaway most likely to be makeup stuff, accessories, shawl or kalo ada duit lebeh akan bg hadiah menarik2 lagi ya...i'll update soon on that :)

Oke now another lipstick review from Burberry Long Last Lipstick in Rouge Flamboyant #204...

My aunt bought this lipstick tapi dia tak mau cuz she prefers red colored she gave to me instead...

The lipstick is almost similar to my previous one, Stage Paparazzi Pink...cuma that one lebih ke Hot Pink...
this one lebih ke Blush Pink...i think so la..hehehe..

Btw kalo korang tengok my collection of lipstick lebih kurang je kan?? hak hak...oke pasni i'll make sure to try different shades oke..

Lots of love peeps!



  1. u are always gorgeous rina! love the shades! :)

  2. oshinz- shades tu mmg cantik..heheh

    kikin- heheh mekap je lebeh utk nmpak cntik..muka x mekap huduh :P

  3. oh, this is amazing! nak jugak lispstik ni!!

  4. actually the real color lagi terang but dunno y dlm pic x terang sgt..huhu