Monday, March 5, 2012

Wedding Reception Theme

Salam dearies,

1st time update blog selepas pukul 11 malam...hoho...cuma harini nak bagitau rough ideas for my reception theme...memandangkan saya suka pink (sape tak suka kan?), haruslah Pink is my main colour theme...and colour to compliment pink is either:


but basically not everything in the pictures kita boleh buat kan...since sy not really into write up, i put all the pics on how the rough ideas will be...just don't expect my wedding to be really beautiful as the pictures below...hahahaha...

 I love the lantern ideas so much i even booked it for my wedding from Paper Lantern N Boxes

Saya serius suka that pelamin...but mak tak suka cuz too simple..well i love simple things :(

My wedding dress inspiration :p

Wish i can wear shawl macam ni during wedding...but dunno menjadi or x..huhu

 Ribbon strips!!



orait dearies, so far itu je nak bagitau...kalau u ols ada idea of this color palette tolong share dengan saya okes...really appreciates that :)

** All pics from Google

P/S: Kad kahwin dah siap...tapi tak suka sangat sebab kaler macam kel2...pilihan mak...xpala nanti orang buang jugak...heheheh

bye n goodnite sayangsss!


  1. sweet color combo..nampak sgt romantic

  2. warna pink mmg cairkan hati sy !!!
    nk kad 1 ye. (<<< x malu)

  3. nice combonation ...

    kalau purple pink silver lg menyerlah dear !!

  4. Kita pon minat pink purple....lawa laa...kalau kita, kita nk color 2 dari right side....hehhe...

  5. FY- yup very tatau my wedding leh jd cmtu ke x..huhu

    fariza- insyaallah ye..nti kite pos! :)

  6. ieda suke pink gaks, pilih theme pink untuk belah lelaki di JB nanti ^_^

  7. This gonna be sooo nice rina..soft n sweety.. -lyana-

  8. ieda- wahh msti cntik..belah ieda kaler apa?

    lyana- tenkiu dear :)

  9. choose pastel colour that mean you choosing gorgeous.. suka colour pastel.. :)

  10. heyy..if my bby nnt girl..this sweet colour pon boleh jgk utk majlis ptong jmbul kan..yess da dpt idea..hopefully dpt bby girl..Amiiinnnn..-lyana-

  11. suke sgt color peace-pink-purple..sweet+romantic :)

  12. I love both the colour palettes which involves pink {my wedding was shades of pink as well} and its hard to choose between pink+gold and pink+cream.

    I personally like pink+gold cos it is not only pretty but elegant. It is however sometimes hard to find gold stuff which i nice. I find pink+cream a simpler colour palette to work with which is also very rich and pretty.

    However, I think as long as there is pink, you can't go wrong :)

  13. wawa- yup pastel kaler sgt in skang..everyone will look gorgeous :)

    lyana- btol2..sgt sweet..i pray for u dear :)

    rossnie- pink n purple is one good color combo :)

    dreamweaver- + cream is much simpler color combo..thnx dear for commenting and give ideas :)