Sunday, October 30, 2011

Photo Shoot with soon to be a Wife~

salam n hello's your weekend?? semalam saya baru outing dengan bakal isteri orang...this will be last outing with her sebagai anak dara okes...11 Nov 11 she'll be a wife to somebody dah...sedehh but happy for her...she's been my best buddies for 18 years...and i'm truly happy to be her bridesmaid...yeay!

Last time i did mentioned bout her...repeating the same thing here for our last Raya Photoshoot...

Now enjoy our pics together...again, i took her pics, she took mine...actually both of us are planning nak pusing2 penang and search tempat2 menarik seluruh Penang ni...especially tempat2 baru yang orang luar tak pernah explore...but again, hujan lebat melanda...sempat ambil di Fort Conwallis & few hidden places nearby there...

tapi a bit dissapointed sebab tak berkesempatan shoot di sekolah rendah kami dulu...hope can plan again soon with approval of her future husband of course :)

p/s: abaikan gambar2 gedik saya kat bawah...heeee :p




  1. hey dear done follow u :) hit me please :)

  2. gambar2 yang kat rumput tu cantik lah

  3. manja - thnx..i'll follow u too :)

    azzah- hehee pic tu kwn amek :)